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GENUKI updates

If you have extra information for any of my GENUKI pages or have spotted a mistake then please contact me. For mistakes or problem-links, please give me the web address (URL) for the page with the problem, and tell me precisely where and what the problem is. I maintain many hundreds of GENUKI pages so need people to be precise when pinpointing problems, if I am to fix them.

Genealogical research

Please do not ask me to undertake any research for you, of even the most minor nature. This is because I am very ill (long-term) and can hardly do my own family research now, let alone help other people find out about their family trees. If you have Scottish ancestors you should be able to find lots of advice in the Scottish bits of GENUKI (the UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service).

If you have looked at my list of surnames and think we might have common ancestors then send me a message but please take the time first to read through the details carefully to be sure that the places and time periods match, down to the level of individual parishes in counties. If you are unsure about the geography please find an atlas or map to help you. Also if you have lots of names in common with me, please don't assume a connection is more likely. Many of the surnames I am tracing are common Border surnames. Most people with Scottish Border roots have a good chance of having many names like these in their ancestry somewhere, especially if they are tracing every single branch of their Border ancestry, like me.

And, of course, messages relating to my Cavers one-name study are always welcome, and likewise my Melrose and Coldingham one-place studies.

Names ...

This may seem a trivial point, but spelling someone's name correctly gives a much better first impression. My name is not spelled "Vivian", though many people seem to think it is :)

My email address

To email me click here or send me an email at Thank you.

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Last updated 30th May 2017