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Surname interests

Most of my known ancestors come from the south of Scotland and several can be traced back to the 1600s and earlier. A few of the families which I am researching are listed below (this list has been trimmed to the surnames I've researched the most). The dates indicate the time span I have information on and the places pin the families down more accurately, including migration. Please read the details carefully - some of these names are common in the south of Scotland.

Ainslie    1650 1800 Haddington,ELN,SCT
Blaikie    1600 1900 Stow,MLN>Langhaugh,Melrose,ROX,SCT
Burnett    1760 1900 Birgham,Eccles,BEW>Sprouston/Kelso/Linton,ROX,SCT
Cavers     all dates, all places
Dodds      1800 1900 Mindrum Mill,Carham,NBL,ENG>Melrose,ROX,SCT
Forrest    1500 1800 Gimmersmills,Haddington,ELN,SCT
Greenfield 1690 1800 Stenton,ELN>Coldingham/Bunkle&Preston,BEW,SCT
Hall       1770 1900 Wilton/Hawick,ROX,SCT
Henderson  1650 1812 Inverleith/Newington,MLN>Leaston/Haddington,ELN,SCT
Hood       1701 1800 Bunkle&Preston/Coldingham,BEW,SCT
Logan      1600 1734 Restalrig,MLN>Burncastle,BEW,SCT
Maxwell    1500 1750 Hills/Drumcoltran,KKD,SCT
Quhippo    1550 1650 Inverteil,Kinghorn,FIF>Leith,MLN,SCT
Somner      ALL  ALL All SCT
Usher      1650 1885 All SCT 
Veitch     1620 1821 Glen,Traquair,PEE>Edinburgh,MLN>Haddington,ELN,SCT

Note on abbreviations:

Countries: SCT=Scotland, ENG=England,
Counties: ROX=Roxburghshire, BEW=Berwickshire,
          PEE=Peeblesshire, ELN=East Lothian,
          MLN=Midlothian, KKD=Kirkcudbrightshire,
          FIF=Fife, NBL=Northumberland

I also run a one-name study of the surname Cavers, gathering references throughout the world and throughout time. If you are tracing anyone with this surname, please get in touch with me. I would be very happy to exchange information.

Vivienne S Dunstan
Last updated 18th March 2004