Viv Dunstan's indexes: pre-1855 Kelso Chronicle death notices

An ongoing project is to index pre-1855 death notices in the Kelso Chronicle, a Scottish Borders newspaper. The number of death notices recorded in this paper in the 1850s is surprisingly large compared to the probable 2000 or so deaths in the low-population Scottish Borders in each year in that period. Death notices are printed for people living throughout the Scottish Borders as well as people on the other side of the Border (including Berwick-upon-Tweed). There are also death notices for Scottish Borderers overseas. The resulting index has more detail than the Scotsman indexes (due to fewer entries each year and hence easier recording in the time available): each entry includes the name of the deceased person, a brief description of them (based on what was in the paper), where they died (usually given), their age (often given), the cause of death (occasionally given), date of death (almost always given), and the date of the newspaper issue with the death notice.

So far I have published 2 death notice indexes for this paper:

Indexes for death notices in earlier years are in preparation, as well as indexes for other types of information in these Border papers (see main indexes page for details).

For further information about any of these indexes please email me.

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Vivienne S Dunstan
Last updated 23rd March 2003