Viv Dunstan's indexes: pre-1855 Scotsman death notices

With the Scotsman index I hope to index death notices printed in this Edinburgh-based newspaper between 1817 when the paper was first published and 1854, the year before civil registration of deaths began in Scotland. This will involve a total of approximately 50000 death notices. To keep the project manageable I have restricted the amount of information recorded for each notice, but this will hopefully allow me to work all the way back to 1817. Many deaths concern Edinburgh residents but the columns also list deaths in Glasgow, the Highlands, the Borders, England etc. Scottish deaths overseas are also reported. Thus deaths are listed from places as far afield as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia, etc.

So far I have published 3 death notice indexes for this paper:

Please note the following points about the information included in these Scotsman indexes:

Each entry includes the date the death notice was published, the name of the deceased person, a brief description of them (not necessarily all that was printed in the paper), and where they died (if recorded). Other information is commonly given in the paper (e.g. date of death, age, street numbers, cause of death, etc.) but I don't index that for speed (especially numbers that can be very difficult to read), to keep the project manageable. Basically I try to record enough identifying information so that researchers hopefully know if the person might be theirs and can judge whether or not to follow it up in the newspapers and/or other sources.

For further information about any of these indexes please email me.

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Vivienne S Dunstan
Last updated 23rd March 2003