Cavers One-Name Study

I run a Cavers one-name study (the ‘s’ is an integral part of the surname). This surname originates in the Scottish border county of Roxburghshire and out of 146 Cavers recorded in the 1881 British census, one third were living in Roxburghshire itself, with large numbers in surrounding Scottish border counties. I gather Cavers information worldwide, but with a particular emphasis before 1900. My study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. Please see the Guild information page about my study. I also run a Cavers One-Name Study Blog, a Cavers Surname Genealogy Group on Facebook, and a FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA project for Cavers.

My Cavers study is mainly focused for practical reasons on the 19th century and earlier, so if you are a Cavers or have a Cavers relative in your family tree, especially back to someone born in the 19th century, I’d love to hear from you. We may be able to exchange information, and may even find that we are cousins. My Cavers data is particularly strong for Scotland, England and Canada, but I am gathering references to the surname from all around the world, and piecing together historical family trees wherever possible.