I’ve a number of hobbies in addition to genealogy and other things covered elsewhere on this site.

I’m an avid reader. Sadly due to a progressive neurological illness I struggle increasingly with print now. But using a Kindle – device or app – with a quite gigantic font size means that I can keep reading. Even if it looks like I’m reading a children’s Ladybird book …

I’ve played musical instruments since I was 4, starting with the piano accordion, then moving on to recorder, violin (including in the Borders schools orchestra), keyboard, classical guitar and most recently concertina. That last one was inspired by my Yorkshire granddad who played it, perhaps picking up on his Irish roots. I have an Irish style Anglo C-G concertina.

Something that I usually mention in online summary biographies is that I’m a big Doctor Who fan, ever since first seeing Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor and Romana I in the Key to Time season of 1978.

I’m also an active player of the tabletop role playing game Call of Cthulhu – usually playing online by web forum with people around the world – and am active on Call of Cthulhu / Lovecraftian community Yog-Sothoth.com.

That last mentioned website led to to me picking up a fountain pen habit. I find writing by hand excellent for writing far more creatively than I would when typing straight to computer. Even if I do usually have to type up the text after.

Oh and I’m a sporadic learner of Scots Gaelic, and more recently Russian. The Russian alphabet is a challenge though.